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March 17, 2020
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WS2 bidirectional by Whisper: the right radio guide at the right moment

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There’s a time and a place for everything. At Whisper we keep this adage in mind when designing and producing our radio guides for you.

And the right time and place for our Whisper WS2 bidirectional radio guide is when doing sport.

Our WS2 radio guide is the perfect device when doing sport because its features allow you to get the most out of your favorite sport while keeping you safe and enabling you to achieve above average performance.

Using the Whisper WS2 radio guide when skiing

Let’s look at a sport that enjoys great popularity worldwide: skiing. Millions of people ski both at amateur and professional level. Skiing is the perfect example of how the Whisper WS2 radio guide can be an ideal companion during training and in competition.

The WS2 radio guide by Whisper is equipped with bidirectional communication, which allows everyone in a group to speak and above all to listen to the comments and suggestions made by the ski instructor within a range of 500 meters (550 yards). This translates into enhanced safety, saves time and enables hands-free communication.

The most important aspect about the WS2 is real-time feedback, enabling you to give and receive tips: communication takes place in real time and the advice arrives just at the right moment. An instant that can make all the difference.

whisper bidirectional

WS2: three communication modes, one single incomparable radio guide system

 The WS2 radio guide has three different communication modes:

  • One to One: the instructor interacts with one student on the same channel;
  • Conference: the instructor talks and listens to all the students on the same channel;
  • Group: the instructor can interact with several groups of students. Each group tunes into a different channel and the students in each group can communicate with one another on the same channel.

This radio guide system for students is also equipped with a PTT (push to talk) microphone enabling them to reply to the instructor in any of the three modes, just as if they were using a smartphone.

WS2: the radio guide that allows you to seize the moment and get the most out of it.


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