How do I use the rental service?
You can call +35 620 341 616 or fill out the request form indicating the type of rental service required.
Where can I get your radio guide kits?
We deliver and pick up the kits wherever is more convenient for you. We deliver them directly by hand in those locations where we have offices or we can send them by courier to the hotel where you’re staying or to another location of your choice.
What are the arrangements for delivering and picking up the kits?
The kits are sent to the locations agreed upon the day prior to the commencement of services in the rental agreement so as to avoid any delays in service. You’ll find the backpack or case with the radio devices inside the red envelope bearing the Whisper logo. At the end of the rental period you should count up all the items and place them in the black envelope supplied to you. A courier will pick up the material at the agreed location and time.
How long do the batteries of the radio-guide device last?
The lithium PRIME PLUS battery lasts 70 hours when transmitting, whereas the battery of the MINI lasts up to 10 hours in reception mode.
Is there an emergency number I can dial to get assistance during the rental period?
Yes. In case of emergencies or problems with the radio guides you can dial the number +39 3351266091
How do I recognize your staff members?
All our staff members wear uniforms bearing the Company’s logo.