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March 23, 2020
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Whisper Mini, the revolutionary radioguide from Whisper

whisper mini

Whisper MINI is a groundbreaking radioguide designed specifically with our customers in mind.

Sport, training, leisure, tourism: Whisper MINI is the radioguide tailor-made for you.

When we conceived and designed Whisper MINI we asked ourselves: how can we create an radioguide that manages to combine performance, comfort and elegance?

The answer we came up with: this calls for nothing less than a revolution! The result was Whisper MINI, which revolutionizes the very concept of radioguides.

Whisper MINI: compact, lightweight and wireless

Whisper MINI is the smallest radioguide in the Whisper System family. It’s easy to use and is designed to provide the highest level of comfort: in fact it can be worn by both adults and children over both ears making it unimaginably comfortable to wear, so much so that you’ll forget you’re wearing it. Whisper MINI is extremely compact: it weighs just 23 grams (less than an ounce) and measures 5 cm (2 inches). Featherlight!

Whisper MINI is the first radioguide to do away with annoying cables, allowing you to save precious time. The receiver in the Whisper MINI incorporates never-before-seen cutting-edge and powerful wireless technology.


Whisper MINI: quality both in terms of sound and range of accessories

 What makes Whisper MINI really revolutionary is its sound quality allowing you to enjoy every moment to the full ensuring an unforgettable experience. The receiver in the Whisper MINI  radioguide features avant-garde technology for an unheard-of listening experience and the transmitter is capable of filtering out all background noise, accentuating the sound of your voice. The transmitter is equipped with an LED display so it can be easily read even in conditions of excess ambient light. It can be worn around the waist thanks to the integrated clip or around the neck using a strap which can be branded if desired.

Whisper MINI is available with an innovative kit enabling 50 devices to be charged at the same time and which can also be used to sterilize them after use.

Behind every success story lies a revolutionary concept.

Whisper MINI. Always with you, wherever you go.




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