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March 31, 2020

Simone Salvagnin conquers the Paraclimbing World Cup

A triumph. The competitive summer of Simone Salvagnin, the visually impaired athlete of the Italian national paraclimbing team was a success, also accompanied by our radio guides. After a lot of training in the mountains on the Italian Alpine trails, with our communication systems guiding his steps and his path to the run-up to the top, in order to end the season beautifully with the gold medal obtained during the last stage of the IFSC world cup in Los Angeles in the B2 category, while the home athlete Connor Gearey, the second place winner, was after by twelve. Before then, in September, at the World Cup in Moscow, he finished in fifth place, almost touching the podium.

Simone and our bidirectional

The 37-year-old from Schio, in training and in the competition, during his climbs, uses our bidirectional radio guides WS2, a communication system that guarantees a clear and immediate exchange of information, without interference, with his climbing partner, in order to simplify the perception of the path. But it is not only a fundamental element for Salvagnin, but also for all those who need to have their hands free in playing a sport, is not having cables to manage and no need to press buttons to start communication. In fact, it is activated automatically, once positioned, and the athlete with his partner can communicate in real time without problems and safely, clearly listening to technical comments and suggestions, within a radius of 500 meters, even on high ground. Our radio guides, for Salvagnin, are an essential tool of perceiving every single meter and obstacle during climbing. They represent a bit of his gaze towards the path he is facing.

“My world is made of sound. It is through it that I perceive the path and the obstacles encountered during the climb. A perception made real, clear and immediate thanks to the Whisper radio guides that my climbing partner and I use during our races”.

(Simone Salvagnin)

Who is Simone Salvagnin?

Simone was born in Schio 37 years ago, at the foot of Mt. Pasubio. Passionate about nature, woods and mountains since he was a child, they have become his favorite environment. In 2013, he developed retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative disease that led him to perceive only lights and shadows. From then on, outdoor sport became his life gym, and he became an athlete of the Italian National Paraclimbing Blind B2 category and head of the FASI Paralympic sector. He likes to discover himself through adventure travels in which he tests his limits. Starting points that led him to travel through Asia, South America and Italy on a tandem bike, and to climb various peaks of the Andes and the Alps, reaching almost 7000 m of altitude with the climb to Ojos del Salado (6893 m in Chile).

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