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February 28, 2020
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March 23, 2020

Prime Plus: the number one Whisper radioguide

prime plus whisper system

Over the last twenty years the Whisper System has become a byword for reliability, competitiveness and innovation when it comes to renting and buying radioguide devices. It all began at the end of the last millennium when an intrepid bunch of entrepreneurs decided that the time had come to make their mark in the world of communications. This was the beginning of the Whisper System. We started out in the field that appealed to us most: tourism.

How often is it that our experience of a guided tour is somewhat unsatisfying because we are unable to understand what the tour guide is saying to us? How many times have we failed to properly appreciate the wonder of a particular site because we were unable to hear what the tour guide was saying? No doubt this is something many of you are familiar with. This was precisely the reason that spurred us to create the Whisper System.

Prime Plus, our first radioguide system

Our engineers set to work and created our first radioguide system: Prime Plus, the number one radioguide.

Where did we concentrate our efforts so as to make it a top range product?

First and foremost, long battery life: the transmitter in our Prime Plus radioguide works for up to 26 hours when transmitting and the receiver only needs to be recharged every 70 hours. It’s really easy to use and features automatic channel selection, dispensing with the need to perform additional channel searches. The battery can be taken out and the device can be branded with your own logo.

Prime Plus, the highlights of our top radioguide system

Why choose to buy or rent one of our Whisper radioguide? And why choose Prime Plus?

Because Prime Plus offers numerous advantages, such as:

  • high sound quality
  • exceptional battery life
  • the option of personalizing the device
  • a range of up to 150 meters (164 yards)

If you’re not yet convinced it can only be because you’ve never tried one.

Try one out today, don’t wait for somebody to tell you about it!

Enjoy a front row radioguide experience with Prime Plus by Whisper.


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