Whisper is the Company that invented the first radio-guide system 20 years ago for use in tourism with the aim of simplifying communication between guides and tourist groups.
Whisper radio guides make sure you don’t miss a single word.
Perfect for outdoor environments and in places where talking loudly is prohibited.
Living the Whisper Experience means immersing yourself in the story being related without missing anything, even if you are some distance away. Standing before a wonder of the world is an emotional experience and it’s our job to make it memorable.
We have created a communication system without interference just for you to facilitate the relationship between the guide, the listener and the environment so as to enjoy all the best that a site has to offer.
The high audio quality allows the tour guide to draw in the tour group both in noisy environments where there are distractions such as adventure trips, on boats and on walking tours and where, on the contrary, it is necessary to speak in a low voice such as in museums, churches and historical sites while at the same time ensuring a high level of safety.

Whisper Experience, the voice of beauty.

  • Walking tours

  • Visits to museums

  • Land or bus tours

  • Adventure tours

  • Natural attractions

  • Bike e segway tours

  • Cruises and excursions

October 30, 2019


From 4th to 6th November, ExCel in London will open its doors to the WTM and to 5000 exhibitors from 182 different countries.
November 7, 2019

WHISPER LAB: we give birth to new ideas

When market knowledge is combined with technological know-how, the results are extraordinary.
November 9, 2019

GREEN WHISPER: As always rechargeable

For Whisper, looking after the environment is a challenge that must be met, which is why our plans for corporate expansion are always accompanied by decisions where sustainability is the ultimate goal.
Whisper System