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November 7, 2019
fitur 2020 spagna madrid
Fitur 2020, International Tourism Trade Fair returns in January in Madrid
January 13, 2020

GREEN WHISPER: As always rechargeable

For Whisper, looking after the environment is a challenge that must be met, which is why our plans for corporate expansion are always accompanied by decisions where sustainability is the ultimate goal.
Hence Green Whisper: technology at the service of the planet. Every day we strive to do things better, and these steps – albeit small – pave the way for newer initiatives.
This is why our radio-guide devices HAVE ALWAYS been rechargeable. Not only that; we introduced rechargeable lithium batteries over 10 years ago, reducing the use of alkaline batteries, a major source of global pollution, by 95%.
The future looks even greener. All our new devices are rechargeable and the amount of plastic used to manufacture them has been reduced by 60%. Over the last 20 years we have pursued numerous green policies.
Whisper only selects partners that put environmental sustainability into practice and which comply with our Corporate Code of Ethics.
Our collaborators are our most important resource, and in a sector where technology and services go hand in hand, it is essential to take into account the interests of the local communities where we operate and provide a service to them and to local organizations.
Whisper is proud to share the results it has achieved and is committed each and every day to the promotion of initiatives and projects benefitting the collectivity and the environment.

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