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Mini Sport Receiver

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Content box:
1 Mini Receiver for pupil
1 Mini USB charger cable
1 Mini Receiver Bag
1 Mini Receiver User Manual

Warranty 24 months

  • You are buying only a Mini system receiver.
    If you also need a transmitter, choose the Kit that you need.

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One-Way Wireless Communication radioguide.
Mini SPORT RECEIVER is designed to ease communication, providing an high-quality sound. It’s wireless technology that works better than a mobile phone using radio frequencies and not the GSM network.

With Mini Sport Receiver pupils can hear coach’s real-time feedback, without cable interference or noises in a range of 150 meters.

With mini sport, the coach can talk to one or more pupils at the same time, thanks to 3 different communication modes:

One to One
Private conversation between coach (1 transmitter) and 1 pupil (1 receiver)

Conversation between coach (1 transmitter) and a group (or more) of pupils set on the same channel

Conversation between coach (1 Transmitter) and an infinite number of pupils connected on the same channel.

Technical Info

Technical Info

Communication Type



2.4 GHz

Communication Range

up to 150 m



Group Channels



23 gr



Manual Channel Selection


Led Function


Led Backlite Display


Mute Button


Volume Microphone Level


Input Microphone

3.5 mm

On Off Features


Built in Lithium Battery

350 mAh

Working Time

Up to 10 Hours

Charging System

USB Cable

Chargeable with Charger Box

User Manual

User Manual

Download the user Manual



What is the return policy?
Guaranteed return within 14 days of the purchase date if for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase. The money will be returned to you within 15 days of receiving the product after it is received in our warehouse and only if the product and box are intact. In the case where the return is not received in its intact form, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you of the refund date for half of our payment (PayPal, transfer).

Money-back guarantee
If you are not 100% satisfied, contact us within 14 days from the purchase to get a full refund upon the return of your items per our return policy.

Shipping by express courier
Shipping by express courier (ground or air depending on location) within 4 days of receipt of payment.

How long does the warranty last?
All our radios are under warrant for 24 months from the date of purchase. In the event of a malfunction or defect after the purchase, contact customer support. Accessories such as earbuds and microphones are only covered by warranty for 15 days from the date of delivery. All products and accessories are tested in our warehouse and are shipped to the customer only if proper inspection.
Note that the warranty does not cover damage or malfunctions caused by misuse.

Who should I contact if I need technical assistance or a repair?
Whisper radios and accessories are produced and distributed without brokerage and can be repaired from our service center. To request help, write to

How long does the warranty last?
All our radios are guaranteed for 24 months from the purchase date. Click here if you would like to report a damaged product.

What does two-way radio mean?
Bidirectional or 2-way radios allow a speaker or instructor to speak to the learner or student and vice versa. In this case, both the RECEIVER and the TRANSMITTER are equipped with a headset with a microphone.

What does one-way radio mean?
Unidirectional or one-way radios allow a speaker or instructor to speak to a listener or student, who in turn cannot respond but can only listen. In this case, the RECEIVER is equipped with a headset, while the TRANSMITTER with a microphone.

How do I recharge my radios?
Our radios are sold with USB charging cables compatible with all the charging plugs in the market.
To recharge the battery of the TRANSMITTER and the RECEIVER you can use most standard plugs that you use daily for charging your smartphone or tablet of any kind and brand (Apple, Samsung or commercial).

To recharge the radio:

  1. Turn off the radio (TRANSMITTER OR RECEIVER)
  2. Connect the USB charging cable to both the RECEIVER/TRANSMITTER and to a source of electricity through a charging plug
  3. The LED on the front of the radio (above the display for the WS2 model) turns red.
  4. The radio is charged when the LED turns off.

As a source of energy, in addition to the standard outlets you can use the USB port of your car, scooter/bike or computer. In this case note that charging times may take longer. You can also use a POWER BANK (charging speeds vary based on its specifications).

How long does it take to recharge the battery?
The charging times vary and depend on the plug used. For fast charging, we recommend using a 1.5 or 2-amp plug of any brand. The charging time depends on the power (Amperage) of the Plug used.

To recharge quickly and comfortably up to 10 radios you can use our USB Multicharger. This accessory is lightweight and very small and allows you to quickly and simultaneously recharge up to 10 transmitters or receivers (compatible with mini sport and WS2 radio).

If you need to charge more than 20 receivers you can buy a charging suitcase through which you can recharge and carry up to 56 radios, including accessories.

Mini Sport radio charging suitcases for 54 receivers plus 3 transmitters.

How do I understand when the radio is charged/depleted?
From radio on: The mini SPORT transmitter and the WS2 receiver and transmitter are equipped with displays. While turning on the radio (both receiver and transmitter) on the display at the top left, the battery icon appears with 3 even bars inside, each symbolizing 33% charge (totaling 100% when all three are displayed).

When the battery icon shows:

  • 3 bars: battery charge level between 68% and 99%.
  • 2 bars: battery charge level between 34% and 67%.
  • 1 bar: battery charge level between 5%and 33%.

Radio off: All Whisper radios have an LED (on the front) indicating the battery level. On a low battery, the LED appears red. When the battery is 100% charged the LED will turn off.

What can I do when the receiver suffers from interference?
Our radios are designed to communicate on short-range frequency and generally do not suffer from interference from other radio systems.

However, in some cases where there may be other radios in use on the same channel, there may be bleed over. This can happen on a specific channel or sets of channels (frequency) on which your radio usually operates and someone else is occupying the same channel, or when there is slight interference from other transmissions (though this is not as common).
If this happens, simply change the channel to a different one on transmitters and receivers.

How can I sanitize the radios?
Radios can be sterilized with an alcohol-based towel or with any antibacterial or sanitation product available on the market.

What should I do when I don’t hear the speaker’s or instructor’s voice?
In most cases it is a problem due to an incorrect configuration of the channel on the receiver.

First, check if the receiver is synchronized on the same channel as the transmitter and that the volume is set to zero.

To check if the mini sports receiver is synchronized on the same channel as the transmitter:

  1. Turn on the TRANSMITTER
  2. Turn on the RECEIVER
  3. If the LED above the volume key (up arrow) is a BLUE color then the RECEIVER is connected to the TRANSMITTER, and check that the volume level is not zero
  4. If the same LED is GREEN, the RECEIVER is not connected to the TRANSMITTER, and will sync again on the same channel as the TRANSMITTER
  5. To synchronize the RECEIVER see the following question.

How do I switch channels?
To receive the speaker’s or instructor’s voice, the RECEIVER must be set to (synchronized to) the same channel of the TRANSMITTER.

When the RECEIVER is not connected to the transmitter, the LED above the volume key (up arrow) is GREEN. When it is synchronized, the LED light is BLUE.

To synchronize the RECEIVER with the TRANSMITTER:

  1. Turn on the TRANSMITTER
  2. Turn off the RECEIVER
  3. From RECEIVER OFF, press on the black button under the volume button – down arrow – and holding the button, with the other hand turn on the RECEIVER.
  4. The LED starts flashing with the sequence: GREEN COLOR > BLUE COLOR FLASHING > BLUE FIXED COLOR (it will take less than 10 sec. )
  5. When the LED color is a STEADY blue, the RECEIVER radio will be connected to the TRANSMITTER radio
  6. If the color of the LED is still GREEN repeat the procedure from step 1

Does the mini SPORT radio use Bluetooth technology?
No! The RECEIVER and TRANSMITTER run on radio frequency at 2.4Mhz.
The mini SPORT RECEIVER is WIRELESS because it is worn directly on the ear without the need for a headset cable.

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  1. Jumping Team

    Ringrazio il mio amico di tutta la vita Angelo Brusà per avermi fatto conoscere questo strumento di lavoro ormai per me indispensabile.

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