The Whisper North America headquarters is strategically located in the city of Miami. Miami is a major tourist destination within the US and cruising hub with the major ports of Miami and Port Everglades just a stone’s throw away. This office provides short-term and long-term rentals locally and for the entire US and Canada, and also serves as a sales center for all of the Americas.


333 Lafayette Drive Miami Springs, FL 33166 Miami Spring
Whisper in USA

Annette Morejon

Rental solution available in USA


Long-term and short-term rentals available. Used for public speakers and interpreters. Can be used indoors or outdoors in large areas or for breakout sessions in open spaces (such as during a convention on the main floor). Great for simultaneous translations (between 79 channels available per system). Portable audio equipment rental for a fraction of the cost of AV equipment in convention spaces (avoid translation booths, large speakers with wires, etc.). No set up required (ready to use and easy to program)


Daily rentals for up to a full day of use. Delivery and pick up at desired location by local rep or courrier. Competitive rates


Rental for the duration of a program or tour (i.e. 7 days, 10 days, 5 days). Delivery and pick up at desired location by local rep or courier. Competitive Rates


Long-term and short-term rentals available. 79 channels available per system, to manage more groups at the same time. Tailor-made deliveries based on schedule, ports of call, and other logistical considerations
Whisper System