Sustainable tourism: the challenge in the years to come

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Sustainable tourism: the challenge in the years to come

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Some tourists like to visit cities renowned for their cultural heritage while others prefer luxurious spas or agritourism; then there are those who leave everything to the last minute. A recent trend that is increasing in popularity is ‘experience’ tourism, based on the idea that we should not only pause to marvel at the artistic wonders of the places we visit but also seek answers to questions we may have. The questions we ask ourselves are the products of the times in which we live, the relationships we nurture and the topics that come to the fore in public debate. And undoubtedly the subject most often discussed lately is sustainability. 

 Whisper’s vision of sustainable tourism

For us, encouraging sustainable tourism that lives up to its name is a primary objective that we try to attain by drawing on all of our energies. From the design of our devices, their manufacture, right down to distribution, our overriding concern is respect for the environment. It lies at the heart of our corporate strategy. 

Our collaborators are our most precious resource and in an industry where technology and services go hand in hand, it is essential to take care of the environment where we operate and give back to local communities who always provide us with indispensable support. 

No matter whether you travel alone or in company, as long as Whisper is there 

Travel is not about ‘consuming’ the place you’re visiting. Travel is an enriching experience where we learn about cultures far away from our homes.

And travelling is also useful for giving free rein to your imagination. Anything else is just frustration and fatigue. Travel is companionship and solitude, it’s a friend you encounter at a port about to set out on a journey; the wonders of the world and the colors of life. 

Travel is the hustle and bustle of streets in far-flung countries and the silence of the desert.

Wherever and with whomever you want: just travel. 

And take Whisper MINI with you: you’ll forget you’re wearing it, it will be your ideal travel buddy without being intrusive. A discreet companion – no more annoying cables or worries about battery life.

Whisper MINI will enable you to enjoy an unforgettable experience! 

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