Saving energy and saving the planet: at Whisper both are possible

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February 10, 2020
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Saving energy and saving the planet: at Whisper both are possible

risparmio energetico

Today we can no longer postpone the challenge of saving our earth. Each and every one of us has a part to play. Starting from little things right down to really important decisions. For this to occur we need to ensure that everyone is properly prepared so they can make a decisive contribution to preserving the planet.

The time has come for a New Energetic Deal. It’s time to make radical changes in our habits. We’re not talking about sudden and abrupt changes but about small acts of great ethical import.

Green is not only a color but a way of behaving

It’s no longer enough to simply talk about saving energy, the time has come to take action and to work for the good of our planet.

And we at Whisper are ahead of the times.


  • Our radio-guide devices have always been rechargeable
  • We no longer use alkaline batteries, regarded as among the most contaminating for the environment
  • We have been using rechargeable lithium batteries for over ten years
  • We have reduced the use of plastic by over 60%
  • We recycle all the materials used to package and ship our devices

All of this is part of our corporate strategy: manufacturing and marketing products in an eco-friendly manner also means giving priority to business partners who are in line with our philosophy.

It’s our way of making a contribution: doing what we are good at and doing it as best we can.

Whisper: radio-guide devices that make an active contribution to saving the planet

All our devices have been designed with our planet in mind. The most important aspect concerns the batteries because our radio-guide devices are all fitted with rechargeable batteries.

No more mountains of alkaline batteries that need to be recycled. But not only that: lithium batteries last a long time.

All of which benefits our radio guides: eco-friendly products capable of guaranteeing high performance even when used over long periods. Investing in technology and in the people behind it means having a vision: and embracing sustainability and the importance of saving energy.

And taking care of our Planet. A world awaiting to be discovered and protected.

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