iPhone12: return to the past at 5G speed

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iPhone12: return to the past at 5G speed

iPhone12 connessione 5G

We’re almost there, the waiting is almost over: in September 2020 Apple will launch its new product. We’re talking about the iPhone12, which according to the strategy of the Company with the bitten apple as its logo, is set, at least design-wise, to take us back to the glory days of the iPhone4.

The release of a new Apple device is a not-to-be-missed event for tech geeks, but not only.

For us at Whisper it’s much more than that: technological innovation is what defines us as a company. Every day at the Whisper Lab, our engineers keenly follow and keep themselves updated about events in the world of technology so as to be able to come up with innovative and useful solutions geared to the needs of our Customers.

How could we possibly remain untouched by the launch of a new product by the company based in Cupertino, California? What surprises does the new iPhone12 have in store?

What should we expect from the new iPhone product line?

To start with, all the devices will be equipped with a 5G connection. This connection method will be the major revolution of the twenties of the new millennium.

5G connectivity means that download speeds will be very high with low latency. The response times of the system to our requests will be very short. We will be able to access our websites more quickly!

One detail above all is worth noting: 5G should be capable of connecting between 100 and 1000 times more quickly than today’s 4G LTE.

A marriage made in heaven. 5G speed combined with the sophistication of Apple products in a single device designed to give rise to a virtually perfect symbiosis between the screen and the user’s body.

All the rumors about the iPhone12

As usual, rumors abound surrounding the new iPhone. Some of them are unfounded, whereas other may well turn out to be true. There is no doubt that we are about to be regaled with yet another cutting-edge Apple product, ahead of the times and anticipating the needs of customers.

In a technological world that increasingly permeates our lives, making the border between reality and imagination more fluid and elusive, the iPhone12 will undoubtedly conjure up possibilities its users never imagined could exist.

Its color is well defined: navy blue. This is apparently the most reliable piece of information surrounding the new iPhone, as revealed in social media by Max Winebach, well known in the sector thanks to his written contributions on the website XDA Developers.

Are the rumors right? In the meantime, for all Apple fans, the countdown has begun!


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