Whisper WS2 Bidirectional and the Alpine Ski World Cup

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Whisper WS2 Bidirectional and the Alpine Ski World Cup

January, as everyone knows, is the month set aside for winter sports. Among the sports pursued this month skiing is undoubtedly the most widespread and popular discipline.

Snow-covered pistes, the midday sun bearing down on the mountain, a good pair of skis and you’re all set for new adventures. At this time of year, the major attractions are undoubtedly the downhill, combined and special slaloms at the Alpine Ski World Cup which kicked off in Solden, Austria and which is scheduled to end at Cortina d’Ampezzo on March 23, 2020.

The program features almost 100 competitions, both men’s and women’s events, divided up between Italy, France, Austria but also China: in fact, qualifying events for pre-Olympic selection for the winter Olympics Beijing 2022 will take place at the Chinese locality of Yanqing. Athletes from all over the world will compete for a place at the very top of this sport at night, parallel, supergiant, downhill and combined slaloms.

As at every large sporting event worth its salt, for many, the Alpine Ski World Cup is an opportunity to spend a few days of vacation on the slopes, admire their idols and do some skiing.

For millions of people skiing is the world’s most beautiful sport: it brings you in contact with nature, purifies your soul and tempers your body’s strength, resistance and flexibility. But skiing, above all alpine skiing, also harbors numerous risks. Skiers without sufficient training incapable of supporting the physical effort required, falls or collisions with other skiers can spoil the time spent on the pistes. It is advisable to train before going onto the slopes and enjoying the spectacle of nature’s snowy mantle.

To help you enjoy your experience up in the mountains safely and appreciate every aspect, Whisper has developed WS2 Bidirectional to simplify communication in a place where the person speaking is distant from the person listening. Thanks to real-time feedback and the bidirectional communications system, both rookies and expert skiers can communicate with their team and not miss out on anything.

whisper bidirectional

And for those who don’t ski? No problem! They can still enjoy the exploits of Kristoffersen and Co comfortably from their sofa at home. The program is packed and will keep you busy until the March 23, 2020, the closing day of the Alpine Ski World Cup at Cortina d’Ampezzo, set against the magnificent backdrop of the Dolomites.


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